The Bell Box
A fully integrated bell box consisting of red and green flashing LEDs, a 128 dB siren, a NICAD battery, and a 20 minute timer using a flashing strobe. This is a fully sealed unit with two-way tamper switch.

Passive Infrared Detector(PIR).
Fixed by a ceiling bracket, the Paragon PIR throws out 65 beams covering the entire room, making it impossible to go around undetected. This PIR is probably the best on the market.

Compact Control Panel.
This control panel comes in a six or eight zone panel. A very simple panel to use, each zone can be switched on and off at will. A four digit code is required to start/stop the unit which will reset the burglar alarm. The control panel will tell you what triggered the alarm after each activation.
A NICAD backup battery is fitted inside the control panel. This battery will keep running your alarm system for up to 10 hours if there is a power cut. Once power has been restored the battery is recharged by the panel. The panel is fully tamperproof and also acts as a personal alarm.

An Average Alarm System.
1 Control Panel (with battery back-up), 1 Door Contact, 3 PIRs and 1 Integrated Bell Box with battery backup. This can be fully installed for around 300.

PIRs 35 each.
Panic buttons 25 each.
Door contacts 25 each.
Bell boxes 80 each.
Small keypads 45 each.

We will repair and upgrade any existing alarm system, standard callout charge of 35 which will cover you for the first hour.
Service charge 35 per year. This will cover you for parts and labour if the alarm system was installed by Regal Alarms.
The service charge will not increase if maintained each year. For other quotes please contact us.